John James (JJ) Anderson Founder & CEO

Areas of Expertise
  • Website Design
  • Networking
  • UniFi Products
  • Apple Products
  • Troubleshooting
  • BS, Champlain College
John James (JJ) Anderson is the CEO of VermonTech. He is Apple Certified, and commonly works with UniFi and other networking products. JJ’s specialty is researching new technology to find the best solution for any situation. He also focuses on learning all the latest vernacular of the tech industry, so he can translate all the “geek speak” to you, the client, as simply and clearly as possible.

Hailing from Texas, JJ moved to Vermont over 6 years ago to pursue an education in technology. Following a successful educational career at Champlain College, he now is dedicated to client success through technology and enjoys helping people, wherever and whenever possible. He simply aims to help improve people’s lives with tech, and he appreciates those moments where someone learns a little along the way.


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